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6 best mobile apps to help with your training course

According to recent research the average mobile user has 26 apps installed on their device. With so many to choose from, it’s hard to find the ones that are really useful. Whether you want to save your documents on the move, organise your calendar or get help with referencing, we’ve put together a list of recommended free apps that every learner should have to help them with their training.

Dropbox mobile If you haven’t heard of it before, Dropbox is file sharing service. It allows you to store your documents, photos, music and videos in a cloud storage space so you can access your files from anywhere. It’s very simple to use and the basic version is free. Install the app and you’ll have instant access to your documents – so there’s no excuse for forgetting your work for your PDM. Dictionaries are old fashioned but every now and then we all find ourselves stuck on a spelling. Download the app and you’ll have a comprehensive English dictionary and thesaurus in your pocket. It offers over two million definitions and has a handy pronunciation tool for those extra tricky words (just click on the speaker icon to hear the word out loud).

ReferenceMe Struggling to get the hang of referencing? ReferenceMe can do the hard work for you. Simply scan the barcode of the book you’re using or enter a web address and the app will return the reference information for you. It’s useful for keeping track of your research sources and you can create lists for each project. Referencing is an important skill when completing qualifications and this app will help you become familiar with the Harvard referencing system.

Evernote Evernote is a hugely popular ‘productivity’ app. It will help you organise your notes, to-do lists, appointments, deadlines and much more, all in one place. Everything you add to your account is automatically synced and all your files are searchable, you can even search for text inside an image. It’s great for taking notes as you can photograph a whiteboard or a page in a book and then pull the text from the image.

Flashcards+ Repetition is the way most of us learn and Flashcards+ lets you carry your revision notes everywhere. Use the app to create your own flashcards or you can access millions of pre-made flashcard sets for free. You can revise on the move and it’s more interactive and fun than using paper notes.

Sleep Time Finally, a good night’s sleep will help you make the most of the day. To avoid groggy mornings download the Sleep Time app. It’s a smart alarm clock which monitors your sleep movement and sets itself off during your lightest sleep phases. In theory, you should wake up feeling more relaxed and ready for those early appointments with your PDM.


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